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Saut Airline transcends transportation, serving as a portal to unforgettable journeys. Founded on the principle of seamless, inspiring travel, we connect adventurers with Europe's gems: Zurich, Lisbon, and London.

Derived from the French word for 'jump,' our name embodies the spirit of exploration. We're more than just a carrier; we're facilitators of connections – between people, cultures, and landscapes.


Design a booking application and develop a design system for a conceptual airline.




14 weeks

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Building the Design System

The brand identity of Saut Air encompasses its unique visual and conceptual components, including its logo, color scheme, typography, and overall design. These elements reflect the distinct essence and personality of the brand, influencing how it is perceived by its audience.


Incorporating the four key principles of WCAG, prioritizing accessibility within the design, and embedding it into the brand guidelines is an essential step toward crafting a successful brand and design system.


The fundamental building blocks within the Design System - "AirArc"


Following Brad Frost's "Atomic Design" methodology, this section details the systematic approach to designing icons, buttons, and form fields within the broader context of the design system. Each component is carefully crafted and organized according to its atomic level, ensuring consistency and usability across the system.


Building on Brad Frost's "Atomic Design" approach, this section addresses the design of molecules like date pickers, drop-downs, cards, and error messages within the system. These components, though more intricate than atoms, are still integral to interface construction, crafted for consistency and usability.


A primary objective of this project was mastering Figma variables and implementing them to develop a functional prototype capable of accepting diverse user inputs, thus creating an immersive and realistic user experience.

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